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Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Power Shifting


Imagine how your life could improve if you could shift your state of being, attitude and mindset gracefully and easily anytime you choose. In this article I will show you how you can do this in three easy steps.

I was attending a convention recently that I have gone to for the last 5 years that has typically been excellent for my business. But this year as I stood sentinel at my booth, I felt tired. People smiled and said hello as they walked by, but few were stopping to visit.

My insecurity activated my doubt and I began to wonder why I was here. The internal dialogue kicked in as I began to convince myself I should skip the rubber chicken dinner, retire early and think about cutting the trip short.

Luckily, I was listening and caught myself in the act.

I asked myself why I was here and what did I want to create or make happen. That answer was simple. My intention was to book business, but since I had little enthusiasm about this at the moment, I opened to an intention that would support me in this moment.

I have written much about the intention but you can use this powerful principle quite proactively. I decided my intention was to have fun and create business opportunities, but to put the emphasis on having a good time. And the belief I choose to use to reinforce this was, "I have fun wherever I go."

Within minutes a woman I have known (at a distance) for many years stopped by and we had a light hearted chat. Previously, we had not exchanged more than a few words, but the conversation was quite enjoyable. Then, out of the blue, she invited me to a karaoke party, explaining that there was a whole, fun crowd who never went to the chicken dinner. Aligned with my new intention, I agreed to stop by.

I found a fabulous community of people who were laughing, singing and carrying on. I joined in for a few dances and a glass of Cabernet and honestly, this was one of the most fun times I ever had at a convention. And oh, by the way, that evening, without any effort whatsoever, I was booked for two big jobs with new clients, people I had never met before.

Forget trying hard. Learn to shift on a dime by choosing to set empowering intentions and beliefs. This will support you in changing life or better yet, allowing life to shift around you. Now that's powerful.

The 3 steps are:
  • Choose an intention that will shift your reality including how you feel right now.
  • Decide what is the highest/best belief you could choose to support this new intention
  • Allow the shift to occur. It may start internally as you notice you feel differently. Or you may notice it first around you as your circumstances or the people around you shift.
[Source:, by Marcia Wieder]


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Tracking Your Progress


Even though you don't want to live in the past, it can be an invaluable tool to you.

Throughout our lives, every single one of us have had times where we did something great, or at least really good... someone gave us an approving glance, a promotion, a new client. Perhaps we dated someone hot! Wedding day, giving birth, scoring a touchdown, winning a medal. You simply helped someone out that needed it. These events made you feel good.

A very effective way to put yourself into a great mood any time you want, especially at times where exceptional performance is needed NOW is to create... Your victory log.

A victory log is merely a sheet of paper that you have nearby any time you need to be reminded of past successes of ANY kind. By reminding yourself about your successes, by pulling out that little sheet, you'll often be able to go on and reach down and grab your greatest performance ever even from the depths of despair. Often times, you just need to be able to REMEMBER that you can do it, when your thinking is really cloudy.

If you get depressed, pull out your Victory Log and you'll feel a whole lot better. I absolutely guarantee it. Yes, this is simple. That's why it works.

Do you think that the doers - the real winners in life - are that much different than you? Mostly, with exceptional people, they just keep their victories just below their consciousness, so that magical confidence is right there when they need it.

So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do this exercise. Don't put it off. If now isn't good, do it later today. It's easy. It's fun. And you'll feel great about yourself when you're done.

And... you'll have it forever.

What a great gift to yourself.

Please take a few minutes and do this! This silly little sheet of paper can pull you out of the deepest hole faster than anything you've ever seen.

Here's how. In the areas listed below we want to create a big list of even the tiniest successes. I often look at my list when I'm feeling not up to a task. Hey, no one can be at their best all the time.

Write down just a few words to jog the memory so that when you look at it, you'll know. Many people type these out afterwards. Go back to as far as you can remember. Even kindergarten is fair game.

Learning - tests, quizzes, semester averages, awards, scholarships, I.Q., diploma. Include all grades and college.

The opposite sex - dated a "hottie," got the glance in the mall, had a particularly romantic night/week/month, had 'em all after you, summer camp, phone call, poems, cards, got whistled at. Go back as far as you need to.

Sports (even backyard sports) - touchdowns, hits, baskets, goals, blocks, double plays, great shots. Include board games and cards, too.

Work - promotions, sales, raises, pats on the back, contests, trips, saved money for the company, teamwork, great days, winning, solving a problem, saving a life, got elected, a finalist for the job, made the big sale, got the

Personal - convinced someone to a new way of thinking, landscaping, painting, art, cleaning the house, new clothes, great dinners, children in plays or sports, losing weight, eliminating a bad habit, building/fixing something, tuning up the car, new car day, new home, getting a letter/notification, made dinner, helped a friend.

Social - kept your temper, you were elegant, gave a great speech, the party was a success.

Health - cholesterol is down, stopped smoking, lost weight, ran 100 yards/one mile/three miles, climbed the mountain, changed your diet, walked by the chips in the store, etc.

Do this for every area of your life. I have one for kicking a 50 yard field goal. Don't you believe I'll ever forget it. Not when NFL kickers have missed 30 yarders to lose games! But even the small ones like walking by the potato chips today. That's a victory and shouldn't be discounted. Because you were strong just then, and deserve recognition. No one else is likely to do it, so you MUST.

Don't think little things are not important. They're everything -- everything.

Watch during sporting events, when a player makes a mistake and the other team scores as a result. Momentum shifts.


Because after mistakes they begin focusing on what went wrong... instantly.

And the team that scored is focused on their scoring. They're pumped up. Confidence rises. You need that confidence, too, to do your best every day and every minute. So focus on what you've done right, and you'll develop it.

How can you do this?

Your Victory Log... the fastest way in the world to build your confidence and increase your skills.

[Source:, by Mike Brescia]


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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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Gratitude is an Attitude


Think for just a moment of all the things that require practice: grammar, arithmetic, cooking, and even the guitar. Practice is probably something you think you're done with when you leave school or give up music lessons. But, have you ever thought of practicing the fine art of gratitude?

It's quite possible to attain great wealth, the best education, and an exceptional quality of life and still be unhappy. This occurs when people live with an absence of gratitude.

Once gratitude becomes part of your nature you begin to see the connections between your success and creature comforts, and the talents and contributions of others.
  • The farmer plants, waters, fertilizes and harvests the tomatoes you enjoy.
  • The truck driver delivers the food to the market that will soon feed your family.
  • The baker kneads and bakes the bread for the sandwich you'll eat for lunch.
  • The engineer and architect design the bridge that allows you to get to work.
  • The furniture maker's handiwork creates the furniture in your living room.
  • The plumber fixes your leak, clears your drain and plunges your toilet.
  • The teacher educates and inspires your children to be the best they can be.
  • The customer provides the support that enables everyone to receive wages.
  • The performer engages the imagination and entertains your senses.
  • The seamstress sews the beautiful clothes that make you look great.
  • The physician and nurse help to bring your beautiful baby into the world.
It's quite humbling to think of all the roles that complete strangers play in our daily existence. The sheer ingenuity and effort required of others is one of the most compelling reasons why we must make gratitude a daily practice.

One of the best ways to cultivate gratefulness is to count your blessings by thinking of all the good in your life as well acknowledging the contributions of others. This is important for three reasons:

Positioning. By focusing on the positive things in each and every day, you position gratitude so that it has top of mind awareness.

Perspective. By looking for goodness and nobility in yourself and others, you are reminded that there are lots of good people with good intentions in the world.

Power. By being appreciative for challenging lessons and adverse situations you are demonstrating grace under fire. That grace results in greater personal power, self-confidence, momentum, and energy.

Practicing the fine art of gratitude is not only among our most important positive emotions, but one that links directly to physical and mental well-being. It's in our self-interest to feel gratitude because it makes us better people.

Like other attitudes, gratitude can be cultivated. We don't have to wait for someone to shower us with gifts before feeling thankful. We can develop gratitude by reflecting on the gifts that are already ours. This reflection can be done for a minute, a day, or throughout a lifetime.

Everything Counts!

[Source:, by Gary Ryan Blair]


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Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Are You Going to Finish Strong?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Help or Harm


Anyone who attains a minimal level of success or even a degree of enlightenment understands that there is no true and lasting achievement without helping others and making a difference in the world around you. While most everyone would agree on the fact that they want to help others, the act of helping another person is not as easy to identify as you might think.

Abraham Lincoln said, "The worst thing you can do for anyone you care about is anything that they can do on their own." People who are given things, opportunities, and solutions without earning or paying for them often are harmed more than they are helped. Wealth without work, position without effort, and remedy without resource is seldom positive in the long run.

The majority of lottery winners are in worse financial condition five years after their winning number is called
than they were before playing the lottery. They suffer a much higher divorce rate and instance of drug abuse and alcoholism.

At some point in life, all mature people learn that actions have consequences -- either good or bad. The sooner we can learn this lesson, the more productive and peaceful life we will have. If you shelter a child from all consequences of their decisions, you may protect them temporarily from a few bumps or scrapes.

Unfortunately, you may relegate them to making a poor decision during a life or death situation. We all need to learn that the stove is hot--one time--the hard way. From then on, we are cautious around stoves and begin to consider the consequences of other decisions.

Any study of successful people in our society will reveal a disproportionate number of underprivileged immigrants achieving great success in a relatively short period of time. There is nothing innate about financial struggles, language barriers, and cultural challenges that make people succeed. It is simply that enduring problems and overcoming barriers is a habit that, once learned, carries over into every area of our lives.

That person that turned you down for help may have done you the greatest favor of all. Self-reliance and independence are critical parts of succeeding in life. All of us have received a hand up at one time or another, and hopefully have offered the same to those coming along behind us; but it is important to be sure that we are helping and not harming those that we care about.

As you go through your day today, look for ways to assist others, and eliminate any harm you're doing by trying to help in ways people can perform on their own.

[Source:, by Jim Stovall]


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