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Thursday, October 9, 2008

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Remaining Calm During the Storm

There are times when everything runs according to plan. The kids make good grades, the bills are paid on time and your family is healthy and happy.
Anyone can choose peace when everything is going according to plan.
Choosing peace when all hell is breaking loose around you is where you learn who you really are. When the trials and tribulations of life break down your front door, choose to remain calm.
'But, Mark, how can I be peaceful when my family member is ill, or my company is having layoffs and I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow?'
In situations like these you always make a choice, whether you realize it or not. You either choose to worry about situations you have no control over. Or you choose peace and hand over those situations to your Higher Power. Either way, the outcome of the situations is not up to you. But how you deal with it is.

Action Step:
I'd like to offer an exercise to complete in the week ahead:
I want you to recall past negative and traumatic situations you have experienced. Maybe you were refused a loan from the bank, audited by the IRS, or a family member had a health problem.
In a journal or notebook, write down each situation, leaving 10 or so lines between each one.
Now, for each situation ask yourself these questions:
1. Is this a situation I had any control over?
2. Did I worry about this situation?
3. Did my worrying change the outcome of the situation for the better?
4. Did my worrying give me control over the outcome of the situation?
5. Would the outcome of the situation have happened whether I worried or not?
(Sometimes you need to see things in writing to accept them.)
No matter how you have dwelt on things in the past, the outcome of situations was not determined by your worrying.

Now, think about what would have happened if you chose inner peace. Chances are the situations would not have been affected. But you would have felt - emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically - more at ease, making it easier to deal with the situation, no matter what the outcome.
When you have a choice - and you always do - choose to feel peace within yourself.
You will become as small as your controlling desire, or as great as your dominant aspiration.

[Source:, by Mark Victor Hansen]

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